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2013 Jamboree registration

Today at training I learned that even though MCC has been allotted a large number of slots (5-Troops + 1-Venture Crew) for the 2013 National Jamboree, unfilled slots must be given up March 31st.  That is because the event will only be able to accommodate about 18,000 participants the first time in the new location (over 40,000 were at Fort AP Hill).
I Emphasized to our Scouts and parents that there will likely be no opportunity to sign-up after March 31st other than to get on a waiting list to replace registrants that drop out later.
    2013 National Jamboree-Registration Now Open

New Advancement Guidlines

The Boy Scouts of America released the 2012 Advancement Guidelines.  I have attached an updated Advancement Document that will be included in the next draft of the Troop 7 Handbook.  Please read the entire document.  It will be discussed with the scouts at the next troop meeting on Monday January 9th.

If there are any questions, then please send them to my attention.